Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mystery Lake

Mystery Lake, aka Diamond Lake. I am constantly looking for nearby lakes with plenty of fish to take my daughter fishing at. I was checking out the AK Fish and Game page when I read about Diamond Lake. It is supposed to be by Big Lake, AK. I wrote down the directions and we went for a drive to find it. The road that we were supposed to turn on was nowhere to be found. Of course I left my iPhone at home. The GPS would have been very helpful.

So today, my daughter and I are determined to find this lake...and catch some trout!
To be continued.....
p.s. It is gorgeous and sunny today..still breezy though. ;)

Day at the Park

This summer in Alaska has not felt like summer. We have had lots of rain and cloudy days. 2 Days ago it was partly sunny and super windy, so we decided to take what we could get and took our daughter Kenzie to the park to play. It was pretty chilly....but super pretty. Kenzie had a blast, while my hubby and I were nearly freezing. We held out as long as possible so she could burn off some pent up energy. She just turned 4 years old.